Win One for Us!

Same-sex marriage was recently legalized in DC, and many people consider this to be an indication that Congress will favor equality if and when it comes to their table, assuming the Supreme Court doesn’t “legalize” it nationwide as a result of the current Prop.8 appeals in Federal Court. Today was another victory for advocates of equality in DC and nationwide. 39 members of Congress attempted to overturn the DC Council’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage and they failed for the single reason that the DC Superior Court Judge Judith Macaluso determined that the rights of the minority cannot be voted on by the majority. Finally, someone has set this precedent, and where else but the nation’s capital? Unlike in Maine and California, the rights of gay and lesbian couples will NOT be voted on by the majority in DC. I hope this precedent has a nationwide impact and prevents other states from voting on the basic human rights of minorities via “mob rule.”

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