McCain for Marriage Equality

Cindy McCain just recently came out in support of marriage equality, specifically the NOH8 (NO on Prop.8) campaign in California, proving that even the most prominent Republicans are not necessarily allied with ignorant fundamentalists. John’s daughter, Meghan, has also constently supported equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans.

Despite the fact that John McCain’s political team has stated that he remains opposed to same-sex marriage, many people believe he in fact believes in equal rights for all. It is no secret that his years as a POW offered him a unique experience that imbued him with a lifetime compassion for others. I consider him to be a moderate Republican, and to be totally honest, were it not for his unfortunate choice of VP (very unfortunate), I would have voted McCain hands down. Obama is incompetent and I knew he would not keep his promises – unfortunately my naive generation easily fell into the hype and idolization, as if he would somehow bring drastic “change” to the US.

To be totally honest, I wanted Hillary, but that was not an option. Were it not for the extremist fundamentalism embedded in the GOP, I would most definitely be a Republican. For now, I am settled as a registered Independent and I believe the best president we could ever have would be Colin Powell (had McCain chosen Powell as his VP, Obama wouldn’t have stood a chance, and I’m not making any reference whatsoever to race). But in any case, this recent decision by Mrs. McCain to so publicly support marriage equality shows that equal rights is truly a bipartisan value. Thank-you Mrs. McCain, and thank-you to all the people working so hard in California and the Federal courts to ensure that nationwide marriage equality becomes a reality in the next few years!

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