Spring is here and the weather is so nice. I’ve already been out shooting (archery) and rollerblading. I’ve been working really hard to save up for a new car – almost there! I’ve also been conducting some of my own experiments with plants, mostly tissue culture. I’ll publish results when I have something interesting. Still working on Pom Rush, the iPhone game I’m developing. It’s about two-thirds complete. I’m working on making it more difficult, but all the levels and characters are finished. That’s all I’m saying for now. I think I’ll have it ready and for sale in the App Store sometime this Summer.

This Summer is going to be exciting in the world of gay rights. As many of you know, Rhode Island just became the 10th state to legalize same-sex marriage. It also means that every state in New England has marriage equality! France also recently passed it, making 11 countries that fully embrace equality. It will not be long before the entire US recognizes same-sex marriage. Next month the Supreme Court will hand down rulings on DOMA and Prop 8, both of which are expected to favor equality. I predict Prop 8 will finally be overturned, adding California to the states where gay couples can wed. I believe that parts of DOMA will also be struck down, paving the way for Federal recognition of same-sex marriages and establishing significant precedent that will qualify sexual orientation for “heightened scrutiny” (protected classification along with race, religion, gender, etc.). Once DOMA is out of the way, same-sex marriage will be free to follow in the footsteps of interracial marriage, specifically Loving v. Virginia – there will be nothing to prevent a same-sex couples married in an equality state, such as Maine, from moving to another state such as Florida, and suing that state for marital recognition. At that point it’s a fast track to national recognition in every state. For now, but probably not much longer, DOMA is the only thing standing in our way.

The majority of Americans who support marriage equality continues to climb in number and organizations that previously objected to equality, such as the Boy Scouts, are now reconsidering their position. Even the Republican Party seems to be shifting its stance on several social issues including same-sex marriage. I don’t think anything can stop our momentum 😀

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