Four More Years

My faith in Americans has been restored. Obama has been re-elected. Democrat Claire McCaskill defeated “legitimate rape” Todd Akin. The Democrats seem to have maintained control of the Senate. Here in Maine, former Governor Angus King has won the Senate seat. As of my writing this, only 45% of Maine precincts have reported, though the YES on 1 vote is leading by about 2%. No matter the outcome of Maine’s Question 1, we now have, for the first time in history, a president who openly supports same-sex marriage. Obama’s next four years will no doubt bring new liberal-minded Supreme Court justice appointments, an end to DOMA, and federal / nationwide marriage equality. I also expect that Obama will ensure the passage of ENDA and SNDA. The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is surely safe now, as are the reproductive rights of women and universal healthcare. It is a happy day in America!

I just returned home early this morning after a three-week vacation in Florida and the Florida Keys. I have a lot of photos and video, and other cool things to share, but I’ll wait until after the election is final. I’ll follow-up tomorrow night or the next day with Florida stuff, but suffice to say I had an awesome trip! I voted by absentee prior to leaving last month. I voted for Obama in 2008 and I voted for him again last month. I had some concerns about the election, but it seems those concerns have now passed as both CNN and Fox News have declared Obama the winner. I hope that Obama’s second term will also bring with it the last breath of the horribly corrupt Tea Party.

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