Florida 2012

I just got home from a three-week vacation in Florida the other day and I wanted to share some of my trip. I had a lot of fun and we happened to be down there at the same time as Obama and Romney. Florida was flooded with radio and television ads for both sides, but that’s now all behind us. I’ve created a photo album on my Google Plus account: Florida 2012

My family and I traveled in our motorhome and began our trip in Universal Studios because I really wanted to visit the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was pretty awesome and the butterbeer was yummy! We did both parks and then moved on to Key West, where I celebrated Halloween at the Bourbon Street Pub. It’s a clothing optional gay bar and it’s a LOT of fun. I went there a couple years ago last time I was in Florida. This year they were playing Rocky Horror on a projection screen out behind the bar where they have a pool and jacuzzi. I met some friends and went bar hopping and to a drag show, among other things. I’ll stop there – what happens in the Keys, stays in the Keys 😉 We ended our trip with the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. It’s the largest aquarium in the world, so huge that they can house 4 juvenile whale sharks! I was impressed and amazed.

Hurricane Sandy stirred up the oceans so it was difficult to get much diving in. The seas didn’t calm down until the day after Halloween, but we got in a couple trips, making up four dives total – two in Key West and then two in Key Largo after we left Key West. It was the best diving I’ve ever experienced since getting my PADI certification a few years ago. We saw a large moray eel and a sting ray. We also swam through some small underwater caverns. I posted some videos on YouTube:

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