Facebook & Websites

I think my Facebook account had been hacked because my profile was sending spam messages. I spoke with Facebook staff about it and changing my password didn’t help, so I decided to delete my old profile and create a new one. Just wanted those of you who were on my friends list to know, so you don’t think I deleted you! Any emails sent/received are still logged in my actual email account, and I always backup everything, so nothing was lost! No worries. It has actually allowed me the opportunity to clean up a lot of clutter.

In other news, I’ve been working on my design website, Seashore Design. I do a lot of commercial web and graphic design for pay and this will provide a way for me to advertise and have my own startup business! I’m excited about it. And I haven’t forgotten about paleogenetics.com, either – it’s just a lot of information and I really want it to be perfect before I publish.

My Summer is going well – mostly just been swimming with friends, boating, scuba diving, modeling, gardening, designing websites, working at the lab, etc. I’m about half-way through a couple Summer courses I’m really enjoying. The extra credits will ensure that I’ll graduate with my biology degree in the Spring. I haven’t decided whether I’m moving to Florida or California, or even someplace outside the US, but I’m sure I won’t be sticking around here, lol. I’ve got plenty of time to make up my mind!

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